evelinemaas2I first encountered Venture Philanthropy in 2008 while working for ABN AMRO and instantly felt connected to the concept of doing good while applying ‘hard’ Venture Capital practices. I closely followed developments in the social impact field and I loved being part of a community of people whose shared purpose is to move money to meaningful impact.

During my time with ABN AMRO I collaborated with people across the impact world to form partnerships to enable greater development in the impact field. These collaborations also created the opportunity for me as a ‘social intrapreneur’ in the bank to initiate the development of a comprehensive social impact offering. This offering included a philanthropy advice service for private clients, a much stronger focus on SRI, a Social Impact Fund, the first Social Impact Bond in the Netherlands, support for social entrepreneurs. After 12 years with ABN AMRO and a sailing sabbatical, I decided to start my own business in the social impact arena.

I believe that the opportunities in the area of social impact are endless, however many do not reach their full potential. I know that this is largely because the players who can make the opportunities truly successful, can’t find each other.

Many social enterprises struggle to understand how the social impact world operates and how to get access to funders. While at the same time, there are many funders who have difficulty in finding  ‘scalable’ or ‘investment ready’ opportunities. The gap between these funders and beneficiaries (social enterprises, foundations, NGO’s  etc) exists largely due to the complexity, diversity, and lack of transparency in the social impact world.

I want to help to bridge this gap and I intend to make this world easier to navigate. That’s why I am developing the ‘Moving Money 2 Meaning’ initiative.